DSAM 3200 Digital Studies and Methods: Capstone

Prerequisites: DSAM 3000 and DSAM 3100
This course is offered every Fall and Spring Term.

The capstone is a 3-credit independent research project that requires three major efforts on the part of the student. First, the student will undertake (or substantially add to) a large-scale, independent research project that reflects the mindful use of digital technologies in the humanities and/or allied social sciences that contributes meaningful scholarly knowledge to a field therein. Second, they will produce an annotated portfolio of the work that they have done during the DSAM certificate that also includes methodological reflections on the use of digital methods in the humanities and allied social sciences. Finally, they will present this portfolio and their capstone work at the end of the term in a DSAM showcase. This event will be open to the public and will be attended and juried by faculty.