Core Courses

DSAM 3000 Digital Studies and Methods: Seminar, offered every Fall Term

DSAM 3100 Digital Studies and Methods: Practicum, offered every Spring Term

DSAM 3200 Digital Studies and Methods: Capstone, offered every Fall and Spring Term

Pre-Approved Electives, Fall 2019

Pitt Electives

EAS 2005 Critical Approaches to East Asia, Fall 2019

COMMRC 3326 Seminar in Media Studies: Disability, Media, and Culture, Fall 2019

CMU Electives

76-788 Topics in Digital Humanities: Coding for Humanists, Fall 2019

Pre-Approved Electives, Spring 2019

Pitt Electives

ENGWRT 2110 Narrative Audio WorkshopSpring 2019

HIST 2020 Digital/Critical Interdisciplinary Methods, Spring 2019

INFSCI 2160 Data Mining, Spring 2019

INFSCI 2430 Social Computing, Spring 2019

INFSCI 3350 Doctoral Seminar, Spring 2019

PS 2750 Advanced Methods: Text as DataSpring 2019

SLAV 1050 Computational Methods in Humanities, Spring 2019

Pre-Approved Electives, Fall 2018

Pitt Electives

ENGLIT 2852 Digital Humanities and Approaches to Textual Objects, Fall 2018

INFSCI 2160 Data Mining, Fall 2018

INFSCI 2430 Social Computing, Fall 2018

INFSCI 3350 Doctoral Seminar: Data-Driven Decision Marking, Fall 2018

SLAV 1050 Computational Methods in Humanities, Fall 2018

CMU Electives

76-714 Data Stories, Fall 2018

76-788 Topics in Digital Humanities: Coding for Humanists, Fall 2018

76-829 Digital Humanities: Politics and Early Modern Drama, Fall 2018

Applying for Additional Course Approvals

DSAM 3999 Directed Study is available in exceptional circumstances for students who need to do work for the certificate outside the traditional seminars offered by the University of Pittsburgh.